Certified Piano Technician

Located in Nelson, BC, servicing the Central Kootenay region and the South Okanagan.

I am certified through the University of Western Ontario Piano Technology program and have been a professional piano technician for over 10 years. 

I am honoured to have taken over from piano technician John Pengelly in Nelson upon his retirement. I offer all piano services including: tuning, action regulation, hammer carding, voicing, restringing, rebuilding, repairs, prepared piano alterations, Fender Rhodes tuning and restoration, Dampp Chaser installation, dolly installation, piano recycling, assessments, appraisals and consultation. 


call or text: 250-460-1586

COVID-19 update: I am booking piano tunings and have a COVID-19 safety plan in place. My safety plan focuses on social distancing, mask wearing and sterilization of surfaces. For all the details visit my COVID-19 page. 

Caring for your piano

Did you know that a piano should be tuned at least once a year, or after a move or change of season? You can also invest in a few little things to make your piano sound and play so much better, like hammer carding or regulation.

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what is the bass piano?

As well as being a piano technician, I am a musician and artist.

My latest exploration is The Bass Piano  a piano that has been tuned down a full octave to A220. The result is reduced tension in the strings and a unique tonal quality similar to bells or steel drums. With slightly unstable tuning and long sustains, strange anomalies occur within its harmonics and loose strings buzz as they connect with each other.


piano recycling

Some of the older pianos reach a point in their life where they are beyond repair. Unfortunately a lot of these pianos end up in the landfill. I offer a piano recycling service where I will dismantle it on site and take everything away. All metal gets recycled, most of the wood can be salvaged and reused, and some of the action parts are useful for future repair jobs.

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