Services & Prices

Service Area:

I service the Central Kootenay Region regularly with frequent trips to the South Okanagan.

Travel and taxes will be added to all prices listed here.


A standard tuning costs $120. It is beneficial for the long term health of your piano to have it tuned every six to twelve months. If your piano has not been tuned for many years and it requires the pitch to be raised, this usually takes two complete tunings.

Hammer Carding:

Hammer carding is the process of sanding and reshaping old worn out hammers to give them a nice new striking surface. Hammers are like the souls of your shoes or tires on your car, they just wear out. After many years of playing, your felt hammers will wear down and the surface of the hammer that is striking the string will become hard and flat. After a hammer carding the tip of the hammer will resemble a new hammer with a soft rounded tip. This will improve the tone  and dynamic range of your piano and will extend the life of your hammers before they need replacing. Prices will vary and an assessment would be required.


Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical parts of the piano action so that the instrument is playing at its optimum with even touch throughout the keyboard. The cost for regulation varies greatly depending on the piano and the job that is required and will require an assessment.

Repairs and Rebuilds:

$50 per hour plus parts. Most minor repairs can usually be done during a tuning, but if anything major is needed then an assessment of the job would be recommended. Complete rebuilds are also a possibility on an older instrument and could include anything from hammer replacement to string replacement to soundboard repair and more. Rebuilds usually take a longer period of time than minor repairs and can be done in your home, or in my shop.


$50 flat rate. An assessment will give you an idea of the health of your instrument and what it will cost to maintain it in the future. Appraisals are available upon request.

Dampp Chaser Installation:

I am a certified Dampp Chaser Technician and can do an estimate for installation upon request. Prices vary depending on the type of piano you have. The Dampp Chaser is an automatic humidity control system for your piano. More info can be found on their website.

Piano Recycling:

Contact me for an estimate. Some of the older pianos reach a point in their life where they are beyond repair. Unfortunately a lot of these pianos end up in the landfill and that will still cost about $50 in dump fees plus moving expenses. I offer a piano recycling service where I will dismantle it on site (in your driveway or garage) and take everything away. All metal gets recycled, most of the wood can be salvaged and reused, and some of the action parts are useful for future repair jobs.


Now accepting payments with credit card and e-transfer, as well as good old fashion cash and cheque.