The Piano: Inside Out

An exploratory workshop about the piano led by certified piano technician Andrew Wedman

Date: Saturday October 25th, 2014, 10:00 Р11:30 AM
Location: Penticton Academy of Music at Leir House 220 Manor Park Ave. Penticton
Price: $20
To register contact the Penticton Academy of Music at 250.493.7977

Many pianists don’t get a chance to explore “under the hood” of their piano. This workshop is an opportunity to learn more about the inner workings of this fascinating instrument.

We will explore how the piano works through a guided tour of a disassembled instrument, look at how the piano has evolved over time, and cover the best ways to care for your piano inside and out to ensure its best sound and long-life.

The class will also cover tuning to answer questions like, “How can I tell if my piano is out of tune?” and, “Why is the piano tuned differently than the tuning of other instruments?”

Whether you are just curious about the piano, or are an advanced player who wants a more in depth understanding about their instrument, this class will be pretty interesting. Questions and discussions usually ensue.

For more information about the class contact:
Andrew Wedman

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