The Shop

A panorama shot of the shop full of pianos in waiting, pianos under construction and pianos finished and wrapped in blankets for protection.

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  1. Maria Darragh

    Enjoyed your website very much and found it really useful, especially the references to pianos that are available for piano music performances in smaller venues such as the Tranzac. My son plays piano and we have been all over the city looking for smaller venues with DECENT pianos where he can play music that is more than noise in the background. They don’t seem to exist. Your website verified that somewhat. I think we’ll have to create our own venue! Every pianist I talk to complains of the same problem – Mark Eisenman, Brian Dickinson, Bernie Senensky etc. Decent pianos aren’t to be found except in halls that seat upwards of 1000 people. That’s OK for big concerts but for everyday musicians that’s just not practical. It really is a shame.
    Keep up the website.

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