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Bass Piano III: Toronto


Bass Piano III at the Tranzac was a wonderful show. I was honoured to have such talented musicians play my strange creation and perform with me.

I have created a Bandcamp album from the live recording of Ryan’s set: Bass Piano III: Ryan Driver

Tania Gill’s set was recorded as well and will be uploaded soon.


Bass Piano Berlin

Back in January 2013 I organized the first Bass Piano show in Berlin with friend and artist Sascha Mikloweit. It was a combination of visual art and performances on the Bass Piano by myself and Composer / Performer John Kameel Farah (who wrote a nice post about the show here). The event was held in the studio loft space of artist Matthias Krause. Once the show was over I had no idea what I was going to do with the piano. To my surprise Jan and Andi of Mouse on Mars were at the show. They loved the Bass Piano so much that they wanted it in their studio. Moving arrangements were made and the Berlin Bass Piano lives on!

Here is an improvisation performed by John Kameel Farah at the show…



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The Bass Piano Toronto

I am back home in my little village after an exciting Bass Piano show in Toronto. It was presented by Wavelength (they did a little interview with me here) at the Creatures Creating Gallery with a piano generously on loan from Paul Hahn & Co. The performances were captivating and I was honoured to be supported by such talent. It was pretty special to see what other performers did with my strange creation.

bass piano pano

photo by amos shaw








I will have a recording of the full show up online soon but in the mean time you can hear excerpts on Mechanical Forest Sound:

Ryan Driver (Bass Piano), Justin Haynes (Celeste), Michael Davidson (Vibes)

Marilyn Learner (Bass Piano), Nichol Rampersaud (Trumpet)

Andrew Wedman (Bass Piano), Robin Buckley (Percussion)

The show was in collaboration with visual artist Sascha Mikloweit who is from Berlin and organized the first Bass Piano show there, along with pianist John Kameel Farah. Sascha’s piece was a video installation (which you can view here) coupled with a street postering campaign (big thanks to Amos Shaw!) that referenced the work of Daniel Burren and used the coloured stripes of the medal of honour from the War on Terror.

photo by amos shaw

Todd Stewart of Breeree designed and screen printed a really nice poster for the show as well.